How Technology Will Reshape Our Careers in the Next Decade

Technological change is, indeed, transforming the way we work on a daily basis. If we compare how our workplaces looked like in the past ten years and the way they are now, we’ll no doubt realize that there have been exciting developments. With the high rate at which technological advancements are shaping many aspects of our daily lives, we can say that what we see at the moment is a taste of what’s coming. In the next one or two decades, our careers will be completely different from what we see today. Here is how tech will change our jobs in the next ten years:

Administrative and Office Functions Will Decline Dramatically

Some of the administrative and office functions are continually being taken over by apps and other technological innovations. With the rate at which these advancements are coming, we can say that in a decade we’ll see many office tasks declining dramatically. In fact, it’s estimated that in a period of five years from now, over six million office, administrative, and even production roles will fall drastically. Indeed, what we see at the moment is just a preparation for big things. We should be bracing ourselves for a great wave of change that might take up some of our daily roles. These are things we are already seeing them coming our way. Are you ready or just waiting? There’s a need to prepare ourselves now.

Resource Efficient Production and Robotics Will Find Way to Our Work Places

We all want to find ways that help us minimize resource use while maximizing output. To realize this objective, many technological innovations are always getting into our places of work. We have already seen things like automation managing products and also delivering services. Robotics was once a small thing, but it’s now transforming careers. In fact, it’s creating many engineering and architectural jobs. With the demand for more automated workplace systems, our careers will no doubt undergo a transformation in the next decade.

Future Workplaces Might Not Be Open Plan Offices

Open plan offices might no longer exist in the next decade. Besides that, our working days will be different from what they are at the moment. With the connectivity and virtual conferencing technology, future workplaces will be interconnected workspaces. That means location won’t be an issue or a major factor when it comes to working or being hired to do a particular job. Some people are already working that way and achieving their targets. What will not make others adopt this technology? It’s just a matter of time before we see this happening.

Indeed, in the next decade, things will be different from what they are at the moment. Working and workplaces will be different. Furthermore, some of the tasks we will be performing might not be in existence at the moment. It’s time we accepted the unstoppable change that will soon change our careers. Internet-based services will take over what we are doing now in our different places of work or stations.

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