New Tech Products Likely to Launch Before the End of This Year

2017 is pretty much here, and lovers of digital life are already looking forward to getting new faces in the industry. Indeed, this will again be a great year, and we should expect a bunch of cool tech products. Though there are many things that might finally get their way to the industry this year, there are some that everyone will be excited to acquire. Which ones are you looking forward to having this year? Well, here are some that will likely launch soon and worth trying:

#1 New iPads

It’s expected that Apple will refresh its iPads to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. As time goes, users need improvements and new features. All these are things that Apple has been working on in a bid to retain its customers and even attract new ones. With the high level of competition at the moment, one needs to find new ways of keeping their customer base intact. We are likely, therefore, to see some new screen sizes and other amazing iPad features.


#2 iPhone 8

Various reports have it that the next iPhone will be a big refresh when the much awaited iPhone finally shows up out there in the market. Many people have for a long time been yearning for a glass design, and organic LED display for better quality images. Fortunately, this dream might come true this year when iPhone 8 finally is released. 2017 will be a great year for Apple since it will be marking its tenth birthday. It’s expected that they are likely to surprise us with a new release of a new version of iPhone. It’s just a matter of months before this becomes a reality.


#3Google’s Smartwatch

Google is expected to inject a new update for Android Wear watches. For a long time, the watch industry has been dominated by Apple. However, this trend is likely to change once Google makes its smartwatch. In fact, that is something that has been said since last year, but Google delayed it. However, 2017 won’t end before we see this great wearable.


#4 Foldable Samsung

Samsung recently filed a patent for a bendable display device. For many years, this great company has been working on it, and we are likely to see it giving us something new this year. From the look of things, we can say that we’ll soon see a foldable Samsung phone. The bendable display is a great technology, and it would be great to see it in a Phone.


#5 A Brand New iMac

There are solid reports that we’ll soon see a new iMac out there on the market. Though there have been many updates in the past years, Apple is considering updating the computer by adding a few fantastic features such as USB-C port. We are likely to see a launch of such a new iMac this year. It’s just a matter of a few months.

Many other gadgets are going to launch this year. The above five are just some of the much-anticipated ones. Don’t be surprised when you realize that many others will be released this year. With the high level of competition at the moment, every company is looking for a way of keeping intact is customer bases while also attracting new ones.

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